Things you should know Before Buy Kia Soul

Kia Sorento

A topic about Kia Soul review will help you to buy the best Kia Soul vehicles. There are a number of reasons why you should go for Kia Soul. The company revised the customer expectations by applying on the products. By using the latest technology, vehicles are now more fun riding and comfortable with enough spaces and having many more features.


Kia Soul vehicles are now with wider space and even more options than before. You will have great fun in riding the vehicle. Kia Soul review keep improvising the market satisfaction according to the market feedback. The only reason is to 100% customer satisfaction. There are a number of diverse opportunities now in Kia Soul vehicles having roomy and luxurious inside. The most attractive point is the look of the vehicle. Kia Soul looks great stylish and real eye catcher.

The great Kia Soul vehicle is really enjoyable to ride and cool in look. This is the top most benefit attract you to purchase the vehicle. And it is inexpensive to own a Kia Soul vehicle with a high overall value. You can own it at a reasonable and affordable price and you can get to operate the Soul value. Kia Soul review will go a long way with respect to the economy and market needing.

Kia Soul Engineering:

If you want to own a Kia Soul to having fun riding or rough riding, you should know the engineering architecture of Kia Soul vehicle. As you read that Kia Soul is a fun riding vehicle, so you can ride rough as well. It is balanced that way to drive as you want. The box shape of this vehicle allows you to bouncing around with a crazy drive. Kia Soul review will help you know all these important stuffs.

Kia Soul at economical price:

The fuel tank is small in size. Before plan a long journey, you should plan the fuel. Generally the 5 stroke transmission is more efficient than the four stroke transmission. Kia Soul comes with four stroke transmission technology. Seats are not that much good a very luxurious trip. Kia Soul is suitable for a smooth drive for long trip.


These are what customers said whereas; the price and the maintenance are mostly attracting people as they can balance their economy. There are a few negatives within a huge plus points as according to the economy, this is the most favourable vehicle for people, the Kia Soul review says. It is inexpensive, stylish and fun riding and so it is popular in market.

Kia Soul Review – What the Future Brings For Young Drivers

This Kia Soul review is meant to offer more insightful information on the car that has only been for two years on the market, but has already made a lot of friends, especially among young folks, those for whom the Kia Soul is their first car.

Launched in 2010, this car breaks the technological barrier that kept away inexperienced drivers from really connecting with their car and being able to fully experience the pleasure of driving.

Kia Soul|Kia SorentoNot only does this car come with an adorable design, but it also is extremely “user-friendly”, being extremely easy to maneuver and being equipped with straightforward features. These are reasons enough to achieve a spectacular impact on the youth market niche.

Moreover, the Kia Soul commercial, clearly targeting the youth, is unbelievably hilarious and has thousand of views on the internet, giving birth to numerous comments, inspiring, positive, fun and highly appreciative. The commercial introduces “a new way to roll” using hamsters as characters in the video and a catchy musical background. The commercial has inspired owners and people around the world to write their own Kia Soul review, praising their favorite new car.

The advertising concept, along with the inspiring features the car displays have consistently increased the popularity of the Soul, not only among young people, but also among adults with a rich sense of humor, a very good understanding of the driving style this car is trying to promote and of the driving needs it satisfies.

Its sporty design and its well-equipped interior make the Soul a totally cool car. However, even if it has been only two years since Kia Soul was released on the market, the producers have already thought about a new model. The 2012 Kia Soul, as it was displayed at the 2011 auto show in New York, promises increased power, a new design and an even more appealing interior.

Important features that need to be mentioned in any Kia Soul review are the sculpted hood, the side mirrors that benefit from turn signals, the redesigned bumpers (the central vent on the front bumper can be visualized on the Optima Sedan), as well as a new display for the headlights and taillights, which have also been modified, for both aesthetics and a better driving experience.

red carAs for the interior, the 2012 Soul is equipped with a tilt and telescopic steering wheel – which is a standard feature, the Vehicle Stability Management system and the Hill-start Assist Control that solves the often annoying problem of starting the car while on an incline. For an intimate driving experience, the model has additional sound insulation.

Furthermore, so that you may really enjoy the “rolling sensation”, the Kia Soul also adds a polished area around the center console and the gear stick, nice semi-bucket seats for the driver and the passenger in front and a nice stereo system, complete with CD player, six speakers and a USB port. Any Kia Soul review we found on the Internet speaks very highly of these features.

Another cool standard feature is the touch-screen, which can be activated by the sound of your voice.

The power has also been increased – the improved 2.0-liter engine is capable of delivering 164 bhp and 148 lb.-ft. of torque. Along with this comes another important advantage that should be mentioned in any Kia Soul review: fuel consumption optimization – a sensitive subject for all drivers.

The 2012 Kia Soul comes in three versions: Soul, Soul+ and Soul! The price is also convenient and all the additional features this model comes with prove that it is worth every penny.

While you are waiting for the new model to appear, this Kia Soul review should give you some perspective on the characteristics of the Soul and the kind of drivers that will enjoy it.

Kia Soul Review – First Look

The Kia Soul is refined, funky, youthful car launched by Kia targeting mainly the younger generation and to those who want to relive their youth. Kia new design is build up on the strategy of personalization. The features and accessories of the soul allow the buyer ‘identify their soul’. Here is Kia Soul Review.

The Soul is available in some exotic colors such as java, molten, metallic shades of titanium, Alien green, Bright silver and shadow. Thus, it perfectly reflects the colors and joy of youth. The soul is traveler-friendly car, promising a lot more than a long warranty and affordable price.Kia Soul

Styling and features:

  • While having a look at Kia Soul Reviews we come to know that it is launched in four models: Soul, Soul +, Soul! and Soul Sport.
  • The soul is priced at $13,300 with a 1.6 liter engine and five speed manual transmission capable of pumping 122 horsepower. It has firm textured cloth seats, rear wiper/washer, power lock and window, solar glass, USB port and AM/FM/CD/MP3/SAT music system. It is fitted with 15inch steel wheels along with wheel cover, rear drum brakes and front disk brakes.
  • The soul + available for $14,950 is fitted with 2.0litre engine that produces 142 horsepower.
    Soul! could be brought home for $16,950. It is upgraded and accessorized with 18 inch alloy wheels, power moon roof, exclusive sound system, leather steering wheel and gear shift.
  • Soul Sport is going for$19,950 is a little remodeling of soul! and is fitted with new black fascia
    to the front and rear. It has been given a sporty touch and is accessorized with black and red cloth seats, a spoiler and metal pedals.
  • All the four models are attached with standard safety equipment which includes LATCH seating system, electronic stability control, six airbags, active front headrests and a tire pressure monitor.


  • The most remarkable aspect of ‘the soul’ is its interiors. Kia has designed soul in a way that is trendy yet classy. The upholstery is tough but artful, even the look of soul sport is not attention grabbing nevertheless alluring.
  • The vibrating Red rim surrounding the front door speaker is definitely going to grab youth’s attention. The steering wheel offers good comfort and has radio and optional controls. The front cabin is comfortable and is provided with stuffs like bottle and cup holders, grab handles.
  • Kia Soul is satisfactorily spacious for passengers but lags behind in luggage front than its competitors.


Kia Soul Reviews -Verdict:

The Kia Soul is elegant, classy, user- friendly and is definitely going to appeal everyone. It targets younger buyer and will surely grab its niche market. The styling is contemporary, adorable and ergonomic. It relieves the buyer from practical concerns of features, value, warranty and space.

As per the Kia Soul Reviews it is definitely worth a ride.